About the Creators

Arlosoul_compact_white-bg_RGBArlosoul inspires growth through visual strategy and facilitation. Imagine, new solutions to business problems that come alive as you design them. We take battle-tested business tools and approaches and visualize how you are answering the questions. That’s what we mean by visual strategy. Custom designed for any business or organizational process – a visual strategy shows how you get from “here” to “there”; from “now” to “tomorrow”, from “idea” to “ reality and profitability.”

In order to inspire exponential growth you need people you trust. These people ask the right questions, engage and inspire you and help make sense when things are not clear. This is the science.

Because of our focus on strategy, Arlosoul’s facilitation posse is very adept at getting into the business issues you face quickly. You are the subject matter experts. Our job is to use our design and process orientation and business acumen to create the right flow and agenda to uncover your potential and support its survival in the “light of day”.

The Visual Coaching Guides are available in English & German.

For more information on the English version contact: Arlosoul.com.

For information on the German version contact: cocreativeflow.com

Other Contributors:
Elizabeth Auzan
Christine Chopyak
Clive Cole
Clydette de Groot
Jeraldene Lovell-Cole
Ulric Rudebeck
Sabine Soeder
Lois Todd